OG RED Leggings (Last Call)

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OG RED Leggings (Last Call)

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Last Call for American Apparel Red Leggings

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OG Original Handcrafted Design with Cuts & Weaving (only 1 pair available)

Color: Bright Red

Base Garment: American Apparel (Cotton Spandex-Active Stretchy Material)

Size: S fits like S/M (Fits True to Size, but is cotton spandex material, so will stretch---

~Each pair of leggings are individually handcrafted and all designs and alterations are done by me. I am a perfectionist and I strive to make each pair completely flattering and symmetrical on the body. The cuts are slenderizing and make the legs POP' in all the right places! I reinforce all my work with either hand-stitching or "double/square knots" so you can wear without worry while you dance, play, do yoga and be merry. 

~Ready to Ship* Please Allow 3-7 days once payment Clears

*All Last Call and Sale item sales are final* please message me at contact@zialifedesigns.com with any sizing questions