(Article Written By Hanna Valva (Andrew's Sister) for the GoFund Me Page she set up for us)

2017 started very differently than my brother Andrew had planned.  Having spent more than 15 years as a Wildland Firefighter, including time as a Smokey Bear HotShot for the US Forest Service, he had plans to launch a business and open a new chapter of his life.  Tragically, he was assaulted in his home and suffered a traumatic brain injury and related injuries.  His first few weeks of this new year have been filled with  endless doctor's appointments, ER visits, and seizure and pain management as he adjusts to a new normal.  

While doctors are optimistic about his recovery, the full impact of the injury won't be fully known for many months and potentially a year.  Andrew is unable to do any physical activity and is restricted from reading and screen time (texting and TV) to allow his brain to heal. 

Thankfully, insurance is covering the medical costs and an application for crime victim's assistance has been filed.  However, these don't cover basic costs such as utilities and mortgage.  

Many of you have asked how to help Andrew and Timea.  After exhausting all possible government and insurance options, I have launched this account to allow you to contribute to alleviate the financial burden that they face.   Thank you for any amount you want to add to this fund.  All funds will be transferred to a local Wells Fargo account.  If you wish to contribute directly to that account, you can go into any Wells Fargo branch and use account number 8927991003.

Thank you for your prayers, thoughts, light, and well-wishes.  Please keep this coming.  Andrew has a long road ahead and while he may not understand fully now, we know that he appreciates all of the support.

Hanna Valva, Andrew's sister

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